Hi there, I'm Tyler Coleman

Partner engineer at Google* by day and fullstack developer by night.

Bean Counter


Bean counter is a simple ledger application. I created it to learn modern tools and services. It uses Next.js, Prisma, PlanetScale, Google Cloud Storage, and APIs to record transactions.

Screenshot of dashboard view
Mobile screenshot of add transaction
System overview

Home and Garden Design Studio

Live Site ↗

In my first and longest running project, I develop and maintain Home and Garden Design Studio's website. It started out as a simple HTML photo gallery with manually cropped and uploaded photos. Now, the client can log into Sanity (a content management system), upload their photos, and publish to a static site host (which pulls the photos via GraphQL).

A photo gallery of interior design shots
A bouquet of flowers in front of framed art

Alphajag Bengals

Live Site ↗

Following the Home and Garden Design Studio approach, I created a website for an Australian cattery in which the owner can upload photos through Sanity. The site also includes a web form that generates several new leads per month.

A bengal cat
A photo gallery of interior design shots