Hi, Iʼm Tyler

Engineer and tinkerer. Currently working at PlanetScale.


  • PlanetScale

    November 2023

    Iʼm excited to join PlanetScale on the Customer Engineering team.

    Iʼm working in Go, Kubernetes, MySQL, and Vitess to help customers scale their databases and grow their businesses.

  • OpenComp

    September 2022

    I helped build the latest compensation intelligence and pay transparency platform as a fullstack developer at OpenComp.

    I added product features using React (TypeScript) and Ruby on Rails.

  • Google

    July 2021

    I moved to Google, specifically the YouTube Living Room team, to get more hands-on with code. I partnered with engineers and top consumer electronics brands to integrate YouTube on TVs and emerging devices.

    I worked in Linux environments triaging and debugging production C++ issues.

  • Facebook (Meta)

    March 2020

    I had an awesome opportunity at Facebook (Meta), managing several projects for the Reality Labs team. I worked with engineers, researchers, and vendors to get computer vision machine learning data annotated.

  • Alarm.com

    July 2019

    After my adventures in the Navy, I rekindled my passion for computers and pivoted to the tech sector. I joined my first company, Alarm.com, as an international sales engineer, blending my engineering background and professional military experience in a client-facing role.

  • U.S. Navy

    May 2013

    I started my career in the Navy, serving on submarines and abroad as a cryptologist.

    I will always cherish my time in uniform.